Here at SupplierCamp, we aim to create an ecosystem that enables global B2B buyers and Chinese manufacturers to thrive.

How SupplierCamp Works

For Buyers: We're a supplier/manufacturer sourcing platform

1. Search manufacturers easily

We use search tools and factory listings to help you find the factory partner smart, fast, and cost-effective.

2. Shortlist & Evaluate manufacturers

On SupplierCamp:

● All the factories in our network, we have visited, vetted, and listed them ourselves.

●Only reputable and established factories (who are also suppliers) are present.

●All the factory profiles and contact details are kept updated.

●Each SupplierCamp company profile contains high-quality insights to help you compare and evaluate suppliers/manufacturers.

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3. Connect with manufacturers directly

Free access to all factories without any middlemen—To increase your profits.
4. Choose the right manufacturers

Choose single, or multiple manufacturers strategy? If necessary, we can help you effectively identify the right supplying/manufacturing partners.

At, we believe you deserve supplier and manufacturing sourcing that boosts your business growth!

We know the pain of supplier and manufacturing sourcing failures.
We've made almost every supplier and manufacturing sourcing mistake. That's how we learned what works and what doesn't!
If you want to find reliable Chinese factories without sourcing headaches, you should contact us now!

For manufacturers: We're a growth marketing agency

1. Let SupplierCamp visit your factory

Create an effective company profile, or Get an interview with suppliercamp—To make your factory more attractive to buyers, and gain the trust of buyers.

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2. Showcase your awesome factory

Highlight your factory in all directions—To make buyers clearly know the detailed information about your factory info, capabilities, products, services, etc.

3. Connect with buyers

Provide multiple contact methods for buyers to find you directly.

4. Grow your sales, leads, brand awareness, etc

SupplierCamp gathers many buyers who want to find Chinese manufacturing plants/suppliers.
SupplierCamp has a variety of influential marketing channels and B2B marketing experts to help promote your factory.