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Ⅰ. Visit Details

Factory Name: 



Key Contacts: 

Date of Visit: 

Supplier Hunter: 

Ⅱ. Supplier Introduction (provided by the supplier)

Company type:

Established date:

No employees:

Key personnel:

Main products/services:

Total annual revenue:

Client portfolio:

Main Markets:


Returns policy:

Shipping policy:

Payment terms:

. Our Assessment of Supplier

1. Production Capacity

The number of staff :

Monthly production capacity:

Production equipment:

2. Quality control:

3. Lead time:

4. Certifications/Registrations:

5. Factory organization:

6. Working conditions and instructions:

7. Storage conditions:

8. Environmental impact:

Ⅳ. Product demos

Ⅴ. Social proofs

1. Testimonials:

2. Case studies:

3. Reviews:

4. Third-party publications: