Looking for the best supplier discovery & sourcing platform for supplier sourcing? Or maybe you're looking for a China-based supplier/factory sourcing agency to help you find the best Chinese manufacturers? You are in the right place!

About SupplierCamp

Welcome to SupplierCamp.com — a supplier discovery platform/website that helps B2B buyers to find the best Chinese suppliers (who are also manufacturers).

Our mission: Help B2B buyers do better sourcing while allowing suppliers to reach more buyers and get more sales.

Our Suppliers on this site have been personally visited and audited to ensure you, as the buyer, are getting the best possible products from reputable and established manufacturers.

Today, at SupplierCamp, our team of supplier hunters has more than 3 people. We're committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing. Our trusted supplier data, sourcing specialists, and relationships with our partners and clients (buyers & suppliers) are the heart of our business.

About Me (Jack Chen)


Hi, I'm Jack Chen, founder and supplier hunter of SupplierCamp.com which features visited and vetted Chinese suppliers. I'm also a blogger, marketer, and dropshipper from Zhongshan, China.

Why did I start the SupplierCamp blog?

About a few years ago, to create my own cross-border drop-ship business, I searched for suppliers on the Internet. I was totally overwhelmed by the massive search results and didn't know which way to turn. It was then, I decided to build my own sourcing knowledge and supplier networks. So I visited many factories and created a blog (not this site, although it is now SupplierCamp.com) to share my factory visits. 

How We Select and Vet Suppliers to Feature on this Blog

 Our 5-Step Process:

1. Defining suppliers

2. Finding suppliers

3. Visiting suppliers

4. Vetting suppliers

5. Showcasing suppliers


Want to get the managed sourcing service from us? Want the best procurement website/platform to arm your sourcing team? Intend to increase the diversity, resilience, and sustainability of your supply chain with trusted Chinese suppliers? Please contact us.